When Rhona receives her decree absolute, she’s gutted. It’s now official – she and Paddy are no longer legally bound. She ends up drowning her sorrows in the Woolie – with Paddy! What she doesn’t realise is that it’s a bad day for her boyfriend Pierce, too as it’s the anniversary of his late wife Tess’s death.

Thrown when Pierce goes AWOL, Rhona ends up hanging out with Paddy in the pub, commiserating the end of the marriage. As the booze flows, the exes finish up having a lingering kiss…

Still fixated on Kasim, Finn takes advantage of an airport run to check out his ex’s place. But Kasim spots him and threatens to call the police! Finn begs him to give him another chance, but when Kasim refuses, Finn flips, breaks into Kasim’s and trashes his room!

With Ashley now living in a care home, his bereft wife Laurel is struggling to cope. In the pub, former alcoholic Laurel is tempted to drink to blot out the pain and stress of her life.