*First episode*

Having found out Paddy had an affair behind her back, Rhona’s finding it hard to trust a word her husband says. But Rhona’s paranoia is getting out of hand. Vanessa’s worried when she notices her friend is listening in on Paddy’s conversations, and is appalled when Rhona follows Paddy when he says he’s been called out on a job. Can Rhona find a way to relax around her husband?

In court, it’s Gordon’s turn to talk. Aaron is sickened when his abusive father tells lie after lie about what happened in the past. As Chas’s troubled son starts struggling to breathe, the mum tries to bolster Aaron who’s losing all hope of seeing his dad bought to justice.

Lawrence learns he can soon go home from hospital, but is stressed out to hear Andy’s been staying there with Chrissie. Having had Andy beaten up, thinking he was sleeping with his wife Bernice, Lawrence knows he’s got no room to complain. At Home Farm, Chrissie notices a leak and calls plumber Ronnie Hale…