Paddy gets in a bit of a paddy when Rhona tells him they’re having dinner at the B&B. What’s this all about? But Rhona’s saying nothing until she gets there – and then she plans to ask him to marry her! Well, it is a Leap Year, so she can – but should she? Marlon thinks so and Rhona wants to, but she gets to the restaurant late and Paddy’s drunk and behaving badly. So Rhona backs away from her planned proposal and goes home angry. Marlon later tells Paddy what Rhona had planned and he realises he’s been a fool. But he’s a fool in love and wants to make things right with Rhona…

Debbie wants to make things right with Cameron. She tells him she’s got a date for the test to see if she’s carrying a saviour sibling for Sarah – but she doesn’t tell him she’s seen Andy and told him, too. Cameron reluctantly agrees to have dinner with her at the B&B, but isn’t interested when Debbie suggests they get a room.

Rachel is suspicious when she overhears a row between Ashley and Sandy. It doesn’t sound good – and Ashley knows that and doesn’t like it. So, Rachel has to go. Ashley tells her he won’t be needing a cleaner, but that just makes her more suspicious.