Rhona visits Pierce in prison! Can she get closure?

Rhona visits Pierce in prison hoping seeing her rapist ex-husband might give her closure on the awful ordeal

Rhona wakes up from a nightmare only to encounter Pierce lying next to her! It’s a horrible moment but the terrified vet soon realises her mind is playing tricks on her. Pierce is still in prison, having been charged with raping her on their wedding day.

Needing to confront the issue head on, Rhona decides to visit Pierce. But will the encounter give her the closure she so desperately needs?

Frenemies Megan and Charity continue to plot Frank’s downfall while the unaware ex-conman busies himself with the secret wedding he’s got planned. But will a conversation between Frank and Rishi about the ‘timeshare’ muck up Megan and Charity’s hard work?

At the salon, Kerry is harbouring Dan’s homeless brother Daz. Bernice urges Kerry to come clean to Dan.