Rhona wants to terminate her pregnancy

Marlon, Rhona and Paddy play a waiting game as the hospital puts through its further tests. Marlon insists it will all be OK, but he’s so wrong. The further tests only confirm that their baby does have Down’s syndrome and Rhona is devastated. Marlon is still insisting everything will be all right and is stunned when Rhona says it won’t be – she’s going to have the pregnancy terminated.

Hazel’s also under pressure. She’s determined Jackson will be back in Emmerdale for Christmas, but there’s a lot of work to be done at Dale Head to make it suitable living accommodation for her boy. The builders aren’t exactly building her hopes up and then there’s the council, who have yet to respond to her application for funding. What Hazel needs is a miracle – and it is nearly Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, Mia knows what she’d like. She goes on a visit to Butlers with daddy Declan and has a flirty time with Adam. But Adam’s got a girlfriend called Scarlett. He doesn’t mention her – but Andy does… And Mia doesn’t like what she hears. Adam’s going to regret leading her on.

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