Rhona’s caught red-handed by Vanessa!

Rhona’s at the medicine cabinet – and not the one in her bathroom with the aspirin and the haemorrhoid cream and Paddy’s nose hair-removal gadget (well…he’s bound to have one). Rhona’s at the medicine cabinet in the surgery, looking at the drugs for cows, horses, cats, dogs… And she wants some. That’s how desperate she is. Dr Abbott thinks Rhona needs to wean herself off painkillers for her bad back – Rhona thinks she needs more drugs, not less and they need to be stronger. Something strong enough for a horse is bound to give her a good hit, thinks Rhona. But that’s not what Vanessa thinks when she catches Rhona.

Priya’s made it quite clear what she thinks about Rishi being the father of Archie. But now she’s calmed down (a bit) and is all loved up again with David (the spineless blunder boy) and decides she does want Rishi at her wedding.

Alicia will have to be at Priya’s wedding because she’s arranging it all. That’s going to hurt. David told Alicia he had feelings for her that just wouldn’t go away and, suddenly, they’re gone. Alicia told him she was scared he’d break her heart again and that’s exactly what he did. Now Alicia has to pretend she doesn’t care for him all over again…