Rhona’s diagnosis is bleak (VIDEO)

*First episode*

Paddy reels from Rhona’s confession and turns to Pearl for support. Back in the village, Pearl takes Vanessa to one side and urges her to stay away from the couple. At the hospital Rhona’s offered support by Marlon while Paddy struggles to cope with her lies. A doctor reveals to the drug addict that the damage she’s done to her body is very serious indeed.

When Noah listens to Charity and Jai fight, he slips away telling them he’s going to see Jacob. But Jacob does the same, telling Alicia he’s going to see Noah! It’s only later that Charity and Alicia realise the boys are missing and a search begins to find them…

Sandy and Sean snoop around the B&B in a bid to get Edna’s medals back. However, when Pollard catches the pair of them it looks like they are in deep trouble.