Rhona’s going through cold turkey hell (VIDEO)

The nightmare begins for Paddy as Rhona starts her cold turkey. When he’s called out on a job, the vet is loath to leave his drug-addicted wife on her own. But when Rhona insists she’ll be OK, he agrees to go. However, the stress of it all causes him to forget his vet’s bag, leaving Rhona in the path of temptation. His later return to Smithy isn’t a pretty one.

Declan becomes village enemy No 1 when the locals wake up to find their homes have been put up for sale. Relishing Declan’s misery, Steve twists the knife by spreading the word that Declan refused his offer to buy Home Farm, causing the angry villagers to confront him!

Adam accuses Cameron of not being right in the head, not realising who he’s dealing with. Though the serial killer works out that Adam isn’t his blackmailer after all, he’s stung by the accusation and want to make him pay. Spotting Adam’s gloves next to his quad bike, Cameron pinches one – and he knows just where to leave it…