I do! Rhona’s joy turns to terror as she marries Pierce

Rhona's wedding day to Pierce takes a horrifying turn for the newly-married bride.

It’s Rhona’s big day and everything is set for her to get hitched to Pierce! In front a small handful of friends, the couple exchange vows in church. It’s third time lucky for Rhona who has swallowed her nagging doubts about Pierce. As the guests head to the Woolpack to celebrate the occasion, Pierce takes Rhona back to theirs claiming to have a surprise present he wants to give her. There, in the marital home, things take a horrifying turn for Rhona

Jai is determined to find Nell and heads off to an N/A meeting hoping she’ll be there.

Zak’s none too chuffed when his daughter Belle and troublesome Lachlan start hanging out.

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