Rhona’s revelation shocks Vanessa

Now Rhona really has problems… Vanessa has found her stash of pills and she’s not giving them back. That’s not all… Rhona just wants a fix, but she has to listen to how Vanessa really feels about her – and her addiction. Vanessa takes Rhona’s pills and begs her to confess all to Paddy, telling her she needs more help than Vanessa can give her. Rhona begs Vanessa for some pills, saying she loves her. But loves her how? Because Vanessa has been secretly pining after Rhona for months. The nice Rhona would talk these feelings through with Vanessa, but druggie Rhona could manipulate her friend to get what she wants: pills.

What David wants is for Priya and Rachel to stop fighting. Rachel’s baby is a Sharma and Priya just has to accept that. So David makes a suggestion… David, Priya, Rachel and Sam have lunch together in a bid to make peace. Hmmm, it could work… If Priya’s not trying to tear Rachel to pieces.

Brenda’s in pieces. In a bold, brave move, she shaved off what was left of her hair. Now, bald and looking very different, Brenda isn’t feeling so brave. She’s feeling scared… she thinks Bob won’t want her now she’s bald and she’s going to lose him.