Rhys and Jacqui bicker over her date with Danny Houston and later Darren’s taken aback when Rhys admits he likes Jacqui. Rhys is protective of Jacqui when Darren makes some disparaging remarks, but sees sense when Darren encourages him to get in touch with her.

Rhys’s heart sinks when Darren has second thoughts – what kind of loser would text Jacqui while she’s on a date, but it’s too late. Darren persuades Rhys to come back to halls for some beers. Leanne advises Darren to tell the mystery lady exactly how he feels.

Gabby’s about to dish up the evening meal, but there’s no sign of Taylor. He’s back at Phil and Helen’s. Phil covers, saying he recognises Taylor from Il Gnosh and offers to take him home. In the car, Taylor confronts Phil over his other family but, when he gets nowhere, he runs off and threatens to expose Phil’s secret to Amber.

Also, Leanne plays nursemaid for Lee, who worries that Steph will have changed his play. Later, Elliot turns up with a load of glittery props, but they manage to cover. Rhys and Darren find themselves roped in to help and when Lee overhears them they have to tidy up before they get caught out.

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