Rhys and Beth prepare to flee

Rhys and Beth prepare to leave Hollyoaks, heading back to the Ashworths’ to retrieve their passports. Gilly catches them sneaking off and brands them cowards, while Suzanne pleads with Rhys not to leave. Meanwhile, Gilly tries to persuade Beth that if she left Rhys and stayed with him, he could forget about everything that’s happened. But Beth is adamant she could never love Gilly like she loves Rhys. Distraught, Gilly orders them to leave, giving them the keys to the camper van. Rhys and Beth set off on their travels, but tragedy strikes, destroying their lives forever…

Fed up with family turmoil, Hannah heads to Danny’s, and needing to feel wanted, suggests they have sex. Not wanting to take advantage of Hannah, he refuses, leaving her feeling awful. Fleeing back to the house, Hannah binges on food, not stopping until she’s sick. Horrified Josh blames Beth and Rhys for her relapse, while Hannah despairs that she’ll never be able to recover.

Sasha needs cash to score some drugs, but she and Fletch are skint. But she manages con £100 out of Leo.

Also, Max becomes worried about the escalating cost of his impending marriage to Steph.

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