Rhys and Beth’s secret is out!

Furious Gilly confronts Rhys who admits to his family that he’s been sleeping with sister Beth, insisting it’s true love. Gilly’s heart is broken when Beth confesses that she never loved him and Rhys was always the one she wanted. Repulsed, Josh wants to call the police, but Suzanne convinces him not to. However, as Gilly struggles to accept the truth, he begins to plot revenge…

War is declared between the McQueens and the Valentines when Myra receives a lawyer’s letter demanding Valerie’s share of the bingo winnings. Leo convinces Val that a conciliatory dinner at Myra’s will resolve everything, but Val is adamant that she’s getting her share of the cash. However, Val is incensed to discover that Leo has lied and that Myra has already spent the money on a grotesque picture.

Sasha’s desperation for more drugs is the only thing on her mind. She dismisses Michaela’s efforts to make friends again, instead seeking out Fletch. Later, Michaela finds Sasha staggering around the village on drugs, and decides to take her home.

And Michaela feels vindicated when she bumps into Mercedes who is distraught to have found out the truth about Rhys and Beth.

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