Rhys and Hayley kiss and make up

Josh and the band need some cash fast to pay for a recording session and Hayley and Rhys both hit on the same idea and go to see the Dean to ask for some funding but the pair fail in their mission when they can’t stop bickering. Josh despairs but Kris is later surprised to walk in on Hayley and Rhys literally kissing and making up.

Newt and Theresa are surprised by their attraction but they can’t keep away from each other. Newt helps Theresa when she twists her ankle and they’re soon kissing again. Meanwhile, Anita arranges a date with her internet ‘hunk’ Ricky, even though he thinks she looks like Theresa. Ricky sees Theresa kissing Newt and assumes he’s been betrayed but little does Anita know that Ricky has also twisted the truth – he’s only 14!

Ravi helps Ash refurbish his new takeaway but Ash lets Ravi do all the hard graft and can’t resist winding him up. Ravi walks out on Ash but when Ash gets home he starts another argument. The brothers end up in a playground wrestling match and Ash is surprised when Ravi beats him hands down.

Also, Zoe considers sleeping with Adrian to get what she wants.

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