Rhys and Jacqui finally kiss!

Cheryl sends Rhys to the Osbornes’ to get a key from Jacqui. Time ticks on, and a clumsy move on Jacqui’s part leaves Rhys with the perfect opportunity to move in for a kiss, it seems Cheryl’s plan has worked.

Carmel receives a postcard from the Valentines which casts doubt on her trip to Barcelona. Just as she decides she shouldn’t go, Amy walks in and Brendan’s eyes light up. Ste tells Amy not to go, knowing she’ll be a ‘drug mule’ When that fails Ste persuades Carmel to change her mind and she rushes off to tell Brendan. Amy’s livid when she discovers Ste has ruined her trip.

Darren confronts Rhys about Neville’s plans to make them homeless, but he can offer no solution. Jack takes Darren to one side telling him that in order to keep the house, he’s going to have to find a 50,000 pound deposit!

Also; New student Leanne arrives in the village. First stop, MOBS, where she comes across Cheryl. Leanne tells a doubting Cheryl she’s clairvoyant and delivers an astounding array of facts about Steph and even Max. Just as Cheryl’s getting more and more freaked-out by Leanne’s sinister knowledge, a familiar face arrives to meet Leanne and takes her away…

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