Rhys assists in surgery to Vanessa’s dismay

Jessica pulls Rhys into an emergency surgical procedure, even though he knows he’s not ready for it. It goes well, however, and Rhys is buoyed that he managed to pull it off, taking it as a sign his hand’s improving. Vanessa isn’t so sure, and makes him promise not to do it again. Then Rhys is asked to join another surgical operation and decides not to tell Vanessa. She finds out, however, and confronts him but when he refuses to listen, she talks to Jessica and convinces her to drop him from the operation.

Callum buys himself a pair of cool but expensive trainers, determined to impress Rani and when Harley sees the impact they have on her he decides he needs some extra money himself. Refused an advance from Kyle, Harley sees an opportunity to steal from the till at Sonya’s nursery. Later, Sonya realises the money’s missing and assumes Callum’s taken it to pay for his new shoes. She and Toadie confront their son, and no matter how much he denies taking it, they simply don’t believe him.