Suzanne turns up to Nancy’s flat to catch Jamie alone. She wants him to see Hannah at her worst, and shows him Hannah’s video diary. Jamie assures her that he’ll make Hannah happy. Heading to meet Hannah, Jamie is suddenly beaten and eventually dumped in woods. Fearing she’s to blame for Jamie’s no show, Suzanne is forced to admit to Hannah what she showed him.

Calvin and Carmel meet, and both are clearly nervous. Not really thinking about what she’s saying, Carmel mentions Warren. Certain they’ll never be able to move on, Calvin leaves. Meeting up with Ravi, Calvin tells him it’s over for good. Ravi can’t understand, until Calvin confesses he’s been seeing someone.

Cindy’s going all out in preparing Holly to win the talent show. Tom can see how down Steph is feeling and eventually agrees to enter. Steph can’t get round to Cindy’s quick enough but Tony soon steps in when the competition becomes personal. It becomes clear to Holly that Cindy has her own selfish motives for wanting her to win.

Dominic puts a few ideas forward to Ravi and offers to go into business with him instead of Tony, and it’s quickly a done deal. A smug Dominic walks away with a new business and one up on Tony.

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