Rhys avoids surgery

Rhys manages to avoid assisting Jessica in theatre and practices his surgery skills and physio exercises at home, though this only highlights how incapable he is. Realising he’s still got a long way to go, he opts out of the next surgery session which surprises Vanessa who was convinced he was ready. Rhys assures her it was last minute nerves but Vanessa soon realises he’s keeping something from her…

Jade is appalled to discover that Sonya’s planning to have a water birth but she’s shocked to find that Toadie seems fine with the idea. Later, she catches Toadie planning routes to the hospital and confronts him, only to be told he’s sure Sonya will opt for a hospital birth when the due date approaches.

Realising they’re on different paths, Jade intercedes and forces them to talk it through with the couple eventually agreeing to a hospital birth. How will they cope when Jade moves to LA?

As Susan searches for a deputy editor, Summer notices an impressive CV but Susan dismisses it as too good to be true. Suspecting Susan of being intimidated by the candidate’s experience, she calls her on it and Susan agrees to interview Bradley Fox to prove her point. Bradley seems to live up to his CV and Susan hires him on the spot. But is the new deputy all he seems to be?