Broke Gilly is thrilled that Rhys has found him a job, but is worried about leaving Tania with his friend while he goes out to work.

Still smarting over losing Gilly to Tania, Rhys decides to set Gilly up, and sends Tania off to find Gilly, who has bumped into Suzanne in the Dog. Unfortunately for Gilly, Tania turns up and spots him and Suzanne together, just as Rhys arrives to admire his devastation, and smugly watches as Tania makes an early getaway.

Smitten Calvin is rewarded with a kiss from Louise for his heroic efforts yesterday, and again offers his assistance to help her move into her new flat.

OB goes back to the club to clean up the debris, when he runs into Warren who is determined to stamp his authority on OB by telling him he’ll be running the loft from now on and no one, including OB, is to interfere.

Brave Hannah faces everyone for the first time since being knocked back by John-Paul, but she is disappointed yet again when John-Paul makes it clear he just wants to be friends. Hannah handles her latest let down well, impressing Nancy.