With a plan to distract Erin from the surgery program by romancing her, Rhys prepares for their first date. Knowing she’ll be guarded, Rhys manipulates the date to bring her home with him – with the intention to make her miss an important class the next morning. Although his plan appears to fail, Rhys is delighted when Erin’s lateness earns her an official warning.

Seeing her vulnerability, Rhys feigns concern and presents himself as a source of comfort. With Erin like putty in his hands, Rhys gloats to Kate but this only serves to fire her up. Determined to expose Rhys for what he is, Kate tells Erin that Rhys is only using her, earning him a slap round the face.

Frustrated by the administrative pressures of going back to work, Michael unwittingly snaps at Emilia. Realising he needs to make a drastic change before his job gets the better of him, he decides to take the plunge and give up his career as principal. Feeling elated, he heads off to the beach with Emelia for a surf.

Seeing the Kennedy house is still riddled with touches of Susan, Paul challenges Karl to make a change. Karl decides to make the place his own by upgrading the entertainment system – maybe it will fill the void in his life.