Rhys get angry as Beth moves on

Gilly is gutted to find Beth is off limits when he asks Rhys if he can take her out. Later, during a drink with Beth, Rhys is embarrassed as Zoe and Gilly joke about his wayward past with the ladies. When Calvin makes a move on Beth, Rhys gets jealous and lashes out. But Beth puts him in his place.

Tony’s delighted when Jacqui invites Tessie and Harry for tea. The afternoon goes well with Harry excited to discover Tony’s restaurant. But Jacqui struggles to deal with the fact that she hasn’t been able to make Tony happy herself, and feeling inadequate, later admits to Tony that him having a child is too hard for her, and he must decide between her or Harry.

OB is thrilled to discover Max has hired Summer to work in MOBs but lies to Calvin and Danny that she’s out of bounds. Steph is none too pleased with the new member of the team and relishes making Summer look foolish on her first day.

But Summer soon gets her own back when she draws in the customers with her beautiful singing. Vengeful Steph throws a smoothie over Steph, and Max and OB are forced to step in when the girls brawl in the street.