Rhys and Suzanne are surprised and confused to find a scantily clad Tania in their kitchen on New Year’s morning and wonder how on earth Gilly managed to pull such a glamour girl.

Gilly’s unimpressed with their attitude, especially when everyone assumes Tania is with Rhys. Meanwhile, Rhys is jealous of Gilly’s conquest and bad mouths his mate, but Tania isn’t having any of it. It seems Gilly’s got it bad as he contemplates accompanying Tania on a world trip.

Warren starts the New Year in a prison cell and the rest of his day fails to improve when an unimpressed OB runs into him. Warren apologises for bedding Clare, but OB is unconvinced by Warren’s vague remorse and in a bid to defend Max’s honour, stands up to him.

Having spent a difficult Christmas with her mum, Nancy is pleased and relieved to be back in Hollyoaks with Foz. And she’s surprised when Foz announces he wants to go travelling to India, and asks Nancy to go with him!

Also, when Louise finds out she’s soon to be destitute, Calvin offers to come and help clear the flat above Evissa so she can make it her new home, and Suzanne is suspicious when she discovers a business card for an escort agency.