Rhys learns the truth about Beth

Worried that nobody will turn up to Noel’s wake, Neville is disappointed when Rhys refuses to go. But Josh later persuades him to attend the wake to support Neville. However, Rhys is in for a shock when Neville reveals Noel had another child – Rhys has a sister. Rhys is stunned when he’s introduced to none other than Beth – his perfect woman.

Ste causes tension in the Barnes household as Sarah’s birthday arrives. Amy reassures Ste that her family will just have to get used to him being there, although she’s forced to agree to Mike’s ground rules about sleeping conditions. But little does she realise that Ste is secretly enjoying causing the family ructions. Later, Amy’s attitude towards her family casts a black cloud over Sarah’s birthday celebrations.

Frankie and Jack nervously prepare for the arrival of their new foster child Newt. Darren’s description of the new child as damaged goods, only increases their nerves. When he eventually arrives, Newt’s monosyllabic style of communication doesn’t help matters with his new parents, and although Frankie and Jack resolve to make Newt a part of the family, they secretly wonder what they have let themselves in for.