Rhys lies to Gilly

Rhys and Beth are still reeling from the shock of their close shave with Mercedes yesterday, with Rhys facing up to the worry of being caught, losing his best friend and family and possibly ending up in prison. Rhys tells Gilly he has broken up with Mercedes after she caught him in bed with another girl. Beth feels guilty when Gilly assures her he’s different from Rhys and would never do anything to hurt her. Meanwhile, Rhys decides to try to win back Mercedes and tells her he wants a fresh start. Ste fails to manage to stop his lie about baby Leah spreading, and Frankie learns about Leah’s leukaemia from Kris. Frankie passes on the news to Nancy while Kris broadcasts his sympathy for the Barnes family over the radio. Meanwhile, Nancy breaks the news to Sarah, which leads to Amy learning about Ste’s lie… Worried about Newt’s growing relationship with Lauren, Frankie asks Jack to have a man-to-man chat with him about sex. Jack corners Newt, and is relieved when Newt says he’s already had sex education at school. Also, fearing he’s being stalked, John-Paul begs Kris not to let Toby in to Halls. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip