Rhys makes a tough decision

Rhys is worried that his secret affair with Beth is about to be revealed with Michaela growing more suspicious. Despite Beth’s reassurances, Rhys is living in constant fear of being found out and it’s obvious that living with the pretence is getting to her too. Beth is devastated when Rhys decides to end it – he can’t risk hurting his family if news of their relationship gets out.

As the boys gear themselves up for the 10k race, a smug Russ mocks Dom’s warm-up techniques and Kris’s outfit. When the race finishes, John-Paul continues to be wound up by Kieron and Kris’ closeness and leaves. When Kieron arrives home, he and John-Paul argue but end up falling into a passionate embrace.

Newt and Lauren plan their revenge on Elliot for failing to help them with their coursework. When they overhear him talking to Zoe about his dad being abducted by aliens, they send him a hoax email. Elliot is excited as he logs onto his website to further investigate the UFO sighting over the village, and is in shock when he finds the email from his dad arranging to meet him.

Also, despite acting cool with Roger, Sarah is flattered by his attentions and agrees to go on a date with him.

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