Rhys pulls Hayley at the date night

Rhys and Gilly’s ‘blind date’ idea at The Dog is a failure and Rhys is fed up that he hasn’t pulled. But he’s buoyed when he spots Hayley sitting in a corner and soon has Hayley’s number. Meanwhile, at the SU bar, Justin‘s ‘speed-hating’ night is going down a storm. But Justin only has eyes for Hannah and he’s miserable when Ash turns up and humiliates him.

Lauren asks Anita to arrange a meeting between her and Newt when Newt won’t take her calls. Newt makes it clear to Anita that he is sick of Lauren’s lies and Lauren’s heart breaks when she overhears them talking about her. Lauren is distraught when Newt refuses to take her back. When she catches Newt and Anita sharing an innocent hug she attacks Anita.

Ste asks Justin to show him some antenatal techniques so he can keep up with Josh and Amy but Justin’s only advice is to go down the pub as soon as Amy goes into labour! Amy agrees to meet Ste in the park so he can see Leah but Ste’s gutted when Amy realises he’s only using Leah to get back into her life and leaves.

Also, Sarah offers to help out Steph with her dance school.

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