Rhys realises Vanessa’s talked

Rhys is dropped from assisting in the operation and quickly realises that Vanessa has spoken to Jessica. He has to retake the tests on his hand and insists they’re done as soon as possible, even if it means waiting hours for Jessica to finish surgery. Meanwhile, Vanessa waits and worries over what his reaction will be. The results of the test are bad, his surgical career is over and Rhys is devastated. Later, Vanessa eventually catches up with him but he clearly blames her and wants nothing to do with her. Is it over for Rhys and Vanessa?

Sonya still believes Callum stole the money from the till and, seeing the impact this is having on his friend, Harley tries to return the cash without arousing suspicion. Callum finds it hidden under the till but Sonya doesn’t believe him and accuses him of placing it there. It’s all too much for Harley who eventually admits he’d taken it. Kyle is furious and decides to send him home to his mother, but when both Jade and Callum speak up for Harley, Kyle is persuaded to change his mind. Harley has one more chance…