A determined Jacqui sets about trying to prove that she doesn’t need counselling and decides to take matters into her own hands. She tries to make it up to Rhys and determined to be ‘normal’ again, throws herself at him. Jacqui’s overly flirtatious behaviour is forced and Rhys finds it more tragic then sexy. He tells her that this is all too soon and she needs help, but Jacqui feels rejected.

Amy is worried about the impending court case and she gets frustrated with Lee when he doesn’t support her in the way she expects. When she is officially charged with Leanne’s attack, Lee admits he doesn’t know who to believe.

Mitzeee and Warren secretly pine for each other but Mitzeee is determined that she and Warren shouldn’t be together. She gives Nancy the next chapter of her book in true Mitzeee style – dictating to Nancy from the comfort of the hot tub with cocktail in hand. However, it looks like that chapter is redundant as Warren and Mitzeee argue themselves into the bedroom

Also; Sinead is thrilled when Bart invites her to the school prom.

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