Suspicious of Rhys’s recovery, Vanessa challenges him to ice some of her cakes and when he fails, she realises his hand is not up to surgery at all. She confronts him and he claims he’s just not up to speed yet, but Vanessa’s not so sure.

Eventually Rhys’s guilt brings a confession – he doctored his test results, but he insists he will recover given time. Vanessa is shocked but agrees to keep his secret, making him promise not to put anyone’s life at stake in the meantime.

Summer is invited to join Bradley in an interview with Lucas about the High School VET scheme but is thrown by his seemingly cavalier attitude. She questions him on it and he challenges her to write a piece on the story and see whose is best. His story is clearly better and she has to confess his unorthodox method has its merits.

Susan’s yoga class is cancelled and joins in a dance class instead, only to find it’s a pole-dancing class! Initially unnerved, Susan gives it a go and finds it extremely enjoyable, though she decides to keep her new risque hobby to herself…