Rhys escapes the tension with Jade to visit his mother, Elaine, at her nursing home but when she asks to spend Easter with him at the sharehouse, he lies and claims he’s working. Feeling guilty for disappointing his mother, Rhys spends the day with her.

Meanwhile, Jade’s disappointed about not being with Kyle for Easter, so Kyle cancels his family plans to spend the holiday with her. Their special time together is short-lived when a desperate Sonya asks them to deliver some flowers to the nursing home. When they bump into Rhys, however, he pretends his mother is a patient, causing Elaine to believe he’s ashamed of her.

Toadie and Sonya are worried sick when they discover Callum has gone to the football match alone. Relieved when he returns safely, Sonya tries to convince her son that Toadie considers him his top priority but her argument doesn’t have the desired impact. When Toadie finally arrives home from work, he tries to make it up to Callum, only to learn that Callum’s idea of spending time with him is different to his own…