Ric misses Matilda who is miles away at university, but he is comforted by Kirsty, who persuades him to give her a call. When he does, however, he is shocked to hear a male voice at the end of the line and jumps to the conclusion that it is Matilda’s new man.

What Ric doesn’t realise is that the man is Matilda’s Residential Advisor and new admirer, Nathan, who picked up her phone when she left it behind. Ric is heartbroken and can’t believe Matilda got over him so soon after their break up. But little does he know that Matilda is missing him intensely and is unaware that he had even tried to call…

Miles asks Kirsty to move in, but he is unaware of Leah’s simmering jealousy. Ric tells Kirsty he is pleased she will be living with them after her support over the Matilda situation. Not thinking, Ric moves in for a kiss with Kirsty.

Annie’s concern for Jai grows when she quizzes him about his dangerous cliff jump the day before. Jai explains he was trying to test out his theory that he is invincible. After all his near misses, he always comes out unscathed. He is convinced he is just not meant to die.

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