Stunned to see Cassie and Macca together, Ric rips into his girlfriend, and demands an explanation. Macca steps in and Sally arrives home, shocked to see Ric and Macca battling it out. When Martha learns what’s been going on, she gives Macca a piece of her mind.

The situation gets a whole lot worse when Ric refuses to live under the same roof as Cassie and insists one of them leave. Cassie agrees to pack her bags to stay with Irene, but as she walks out, Ric lays into her, telling her the sight of her makes him sick and he’s wasted two years of his life with her. A mortified Cassie breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Martha discovers Jack knew about Macca’s affair, and makes it clear their marriage is as good as over!

Over at the Surf Club, Dean and Gareth announce to Martha and Dean that they’re planning to move to the city together. When Matilda gives Dean a hug goodbye, he notices Lucas’s discomfort and decides to hatch a plan to bring Lucas and Matilda together by setting them up a romantic picnic at the boat wharf. Alone, Matilda and Lucas share a loving kiss but realise they’ve grown apart and vow to be just good friends.