Over in Perth, a hurt Ric confides in Matilda’s roommate Daisy that he walked in on Mattie and Nathan in bed together, and that he made a mistake in coming. Daisy finally convinces him to return to the dorm to talk to Matilda again. After a heated discussion, Ric and Matilda finally straighten things out.

Matilda tells Ric that she hasn’t been with anyone since him, and a relieved Ric tells her that he can’t function without her. Ric decides he will stay in Western Australia with Matilda.

After finding out that it’s Jai’s birthday, Annie plans a surprise party. She organises it with Miles and asks Leah to make a cake. Jai is pleased to see everyone there to celebrate for him when he arrives. But Annie’s hope that the party would curb his dangerous behaviour are dashed when he gives himself an electric shock trying to fix a power-cut, confirming in his mind that nothing can hurt him.

Also, Miles and Kirsty get closer, a text arrives from Sally to say that Cassie has had a baby girl – Summer Rose Turner – who is HIV negative.

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