Ric and Matilda consider the future

Ric and Matilda continue to argue about their future with Matilda set on going to university in Western Australia and Ric wanting to work at the bait shop in Summer Bay. Later, Matilda gets some much needed support from Tony who gives her a pearl necklace Beth bought for her before she died, to give to Matilda when she got into university.

With her mum on her mind, Matilda tells Ric she’s going to Perth, with or without him. But, with Ric wanting to stay in the Bay, the couple decide to try a long distance relationship.

Aden and Larry get closer, but Aden can’t ignore the awkwardness between Belle and his dad when they have dinner at the Diner. Both of them insist he’s imagining it, but Belle’s stress at keeping the truth about Larry’s drinking from Aden makes her less than believable. Then a chance remark from Nicole leaves Aden jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Believing she’s discovered the truth about his grandfather, Aden asks Belle some probing questions which leave her confused. Feeling cornered, Belle ends up admitting to Aden that she caught his father drinking.

Also, despite Rachel’s worries, Tony reassures her he is fine about having the reverse vasectomy.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday September 2*