Ric takes Matilda on another date. Matilda is shocked when she finds condoms in Ric’s wallet while she’s looking for cash to pay the restaurant bill, and makes her excuses and hastily leaves. She then bumps into Belle who nastily tells her that Ric is only with her because he wants sex, prompting Matilda to bitchily retort that Lucas is going out with Belle because she’s a complete tart. Later, Belle stuns Lucas by breaking up with him, telling him he can find his fun with someone else.

Matilda dolls herself up for a date on the boat with Ric, and lies to Beth that she’s having a sleepover at Emma’s house. Ric is blown away by Matilda’s sophisticated appearance and leads her to the boat, which he’s decked out romantically. They share a kiss and, at Matilda’s instigation, quickly get passionate – but Ric’s stunned when Matilda announces she wants to sleep with him!

Jack is down in the dumps following his marriage breakdown, and when his physiotherapy sessions with Sam leave him frustrated and in chronic pain, he orders Sam to leave, before slumping in self pity. But Sam doesn’t give up that easily and hatches a plan to make Jack see how lucky he is.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday February 26*