Ric and Viv admit their feelings

Although he resisted her advances, Ric feels shaken after naked Viv joined him in the shower. Later, he and Matilda’s dinner with Viv and her husband Noel is cancelled, but his late arrival at the bar leaves him with some explaining to do to a suspicious Matilda.

The next morning, Ric is filled with jealousy when he sees Drew with Viv’s car. Despite having promised Matilda that he’d have nothing further to do with Viv, Ric listens to Viv’s concerns that Noel’s having an affair with another woman. They end up confiding their mutual attraction to each other but both agree not to act on it.

Belle finds it difficult to concentrate on her first day at work at the local newspaper as she’s still worried that Drew may have injured or killed Dom. She returns home for lunch but freaks out when she finds a ring Dom gave her on her windowsill. While she’s relieved Dom is alive, Belle is scared what his motives are…

Tam is flattered when Aden asks her to the school formal with him, but Brad won’t agree. Tam looks to Rachel for support, but when Rachel lets slip that Brad has been offered a job in Tasmania that he’s decided to accept, Tam is devastated.

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