Ric and Thandie are at each other’s throats once more when he discovers that his estranged wife is in the running for a new position as registrar at the hospital. Unhappy with the prospect of working alongside Thandie long-term, Ric sets about trying to undermine his ex and befriending Chairman of the Directors, Cunningham, in the hopes of persuading him against giving Thadie the job.

However, when Thandie makes a surprisingly accurate diagnosis of a difficult patient, Ric realises he’s letting his feelings come in the way of his work and agrees to back off on his hate-campaign against her.

Elsewhere, Penny is given the task of handling the case of a woman in a coma with both her husband and secret lover in the hospital. She manages to keep the pair apart for most of the day, but her chances of impressing the consultant assessing her work are threatened when a fight breaks out on the ward. Acting fast, Penny manages to keep the carnage under wraps and takes the glory for a case she has secretly mishandled.

Meanwhile, Faye and Holly came to blows over a destroyed photograph of Faye’s late son Archie.