When Matilda discovers a large amount of cash in Ric’s wallet, Miles inadvertently lets slip Ric’s lie about the casino. Matilda confronts Ric, and he is forced to confess how he really got the money. Matilda is horrified and furious that he lied to her about it. Uninterested in his explanations, she tells him that if he lies to her again, they’re over.

Later, Ric is forced to make a decision when one of Noel’s fighters turns up with a fractured jaw, revealing that he only has days to find a replacement. Refusing to keep any more secrets, Ric and Matilda face Noel together.

Martha dismisses Roman’s concerns about her closeness to Jack, telling him there’s nothing going on between them. Unconvinced, Roman tells Martha he doesn’t want any part in a love triangle and would rather step back to let Martha sort things out with her ex-husband.

Belle is fed up with watching Annie and Melody continue to ignore Geoff and tells them to grow up and stop blaming him for not liking Melody. Her words hit home with Melody and she tells Annie to stay out of things. Geoff apologises again to Melody and the pair call an uneasy truce.

Also, Leah opens The Den.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 29*

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