Ric admits to Miles that he feels guilty about not being able to pay his way, and promises he will have cash soon. After lying to Matilda that he is off to see Drew in the city, he heads to the warehouse with Noel for the fight. After meeting who he is up against, Ric realises there is more money in it for Noel if he loses rather than wins. But, with little choice, Ric steps into the ring with no rules or limits. The fight goes on until one of the competitors drops.

Still in hospital, Aden is haunted by nightmares of the Diner collapse. Finally, he begins to recall his argument with Larry about his granddad’s abuse. He asks his father about this memory but Larry tells him it’s just the painkillers talking. Later, Larry tells Rachel he wants the truth to come out and admits he had no idea what was happening until one day when he walked in on his father and Aden. Rachel insists he tell Aden the truth, but Larry is clearly struggling with the idea.

Also, Roman asks Geoff about the Melody situation, leaving him feeling uncomfortable. Confessing he is angry with himself, he vows to stay away from girls.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 22*

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