Ric and Matilda continue to be tense with each other despite their agreement to try a long distance relationship. After advice from Alf, Ric realises he and Matilda are heading in different directions and tells her he thinks they should end their relationship properly, rather than attempting the long distance.

Matilda is shocked and upset, but seeing no other option, agrees, and decides to move out. Ric hadn’t planned on her leaving immediately, but she can’t keep up their relationship knowing they’re going to break up.

Aden is furious at both Belle and his dad after learning from her that his dad is still drinking. Angry at his dad for his betrayal and Belle for keeping the truth from him, Aden arrives home and begins searching for his dad’s hidden stash. As Aden finds bottle after bottle, he packs his bags and tells Larry he’s moving out. But with nowhere to stay, he is forced to sneak into The Diner to sleep.

After a word with the doctor, Rachel worries about the possible dangers of Tony’s reverse vasectomy operation and asks him not to go through with it. Despite feeling initially relieved, Tony decides to have the surgery anyway.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday September 3*