After discovering that Ric’s opponent is Logan, a member of Johnny Cooper’s gang out for revenge, Jazz and Matilda urge him to pull out of the fight. But, thinking he has no choice, Ric is determined to go through with it. However, being ill with flu, Ric can just about stay on his feet when the fight starts. Ric hits the floor in seconds, before being taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, Noel is in trouble, with some punters convinced that Ric lost the fight on purpose. As Noel proposes a rematch, Jazz tries to come up with a cover story at the hospital to explain Ric’s injuries, but Rachel isn’t buying it. Matilda soon admits everything, begging Rachel not to tell the police, for fear of what Noel might do. Rachel agrees but advises Ric to go to the police himself.

Later, Matilda is disturbed by Noel’s pregnant wife Viv Anderson turning up to see Ric, frightened and dishevelled. On hearing Ric is in hospital, she visits him the next morning. She confides that tests have shown her baby has some abnormalities and Noel doesn’t want her to go ahead with the pregnancy. What should she do?

*Showing on RTE One, Monday June 16*

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