Ric gets a shock on the job

With Oliver ready to be released from hospital, Kane is keen to get back on the road. But Kirsty is increasingly attached to the idea of staying in Summer Bay, and she’s convinced herself that if they tell the police the truth, everything will be resolved.

Ric’s new job as a security guard goes from bad to worse when he catches his partner Larry drinking on the job, before coming across a jewellery store with its door broken open. As soon as they get inside, the burglar knocks Larry to the ground, and points his gun at Ric, before revealing himself to be Kane…

Unable to accept her growing attraction towards Miles, Leah tries to avoid him, which annoys VJ. Missing Miles, VJ disappears and Leah is forced to ask for Miles’ help in finding him. When Leah finally realises that VJ has gone to visit Miles, they find him safe and sound. Despite her relief, the awkwardness between Leah and Miles continues.

As Matilda prepares for her meeting with the Perth uni rep, she’s still waiting for the right moment to tell Ric. But Jai accidentally lets the truth slip and Ric is hurt and angry that Matilda would keep something so important from him.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 28*

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