Ric gets some bad news

Rachel feels uncomfortable to see Ric working as a security guard at the hospital, not wanting him to know that Viv is inside. Ric is also unimpressed to find he’s been partnered with Larry, Aden’s dad, nor with Larry’s lazy work ethic. Later, Ric sees Viv’s name written on a whiteboard, and Rachel has no choice but to break some awful news to Ric – Viv lost the baby.

Jai is hurt when he overhears Miles admitting he’s not totally sure Jai didn’t take Leah’s money. Miles regrets his words when Jai reveals that he was with Annie when the cash was taken. Leah’s apologises when she finds out, but it doesn’t help the dire financial straits she’s in with The Den.

Geoff decides to write a letter asking to get back together with Melody, convinced that if they’re open about it with Christine, she’ll accept the situation. With some convincing from Annie, Melody accepts the letter, but flees when she spots Axel walking past. Seeing her take flight, Axel confronts Melody, insisting she can’t look scared or people will be suspicious. Melody eventually reveals to Annie that Axel tried to force himself on her at Nicole’s party.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 23*

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