Ric goes after Henk

Still reeling from Cassie’s news, Ric, Matilda, Belle and Drew discuss their shock with Ric saying they need to find Henk, but he’s furious when he discovers he’s done a runner and left a note reading: ‘I can’t cope.’ Ric takes his frustrations out on Matilda, and the pair end up having a row about their own relationship. Later, Matilda and Ric decide to focus their attention on their friend Cassie.

Miles tells Sally he feels an empathy with her, and hints that he might know why, but refuses to go into details. Later, at the diner, Roman sees Miles and swears he knows him from somewhere. He soon realises he met Miles in Phuket, which clearly brings up bad memories for Miles, who doesn’t want to talk about it.

Roman says he’ll keep quiet, but Miles is troubled that somebody else knows about his past. Not wanting Sally to find out, Miles tells her he lost his wife and daughter in the Boxing Day tsunami. Sally is touched that Miles opened up to her and says she’ll be there for him. Feeling encouraged, Miles finally tells Sally his full name is Miles Copeland – but she could call him ‘Milco’. Sally is left bewildered…

*Showing on RTE One, Monday March 17*

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