Still dealing with her break-up with Ric, Matilda bumps into Aden’s cousin Simon and they end up sleeping together. The next morning, Tony is unimpressed to discover Matilda trying to sneak Simon out of her room. Ric is devastated when Matilda tells him she’s slept with Simon, unable to believe she’s moved on from him so easily.

Later, Ric is shocked to discover from Morag that Simon is going to be the prosecution’s star witness against Cassie, intending to give evidence that she was smoking pot just before the accident.

Rachel freaks out when she finds a note on her car windscreen reading ‘you are being watched’. Is it from the hospital attacker? She and Tony go to the police, but they refuse to link the things together. However, when a second, personal note arrives saying ‘what did you do with your baby?’, Rachel becomes scared, realising that the note writer knows intimate details about her life and worries she is going to be the attacker’s next victim.

Drew’s finding it increasingly tricky to get a new job, so Leah suggests that, with more people going to uni, he may need to get his HSC. Will Drew go back to school?

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