Ric pledges zero-tolerance

When a security guard is stabbed by a junkie, Ric pledges a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and to people who won’t help themselves. After meeting new board member Carr, who agrees with his stance, Ric refuses to treat an obese man who’s also a smoker. But when the junkie is rushed in after taking an overdose, Ric battles to save him before rushing to the aid of the security guard, who dies.

Meanwhile, Linden is struggling with his conscience over his longing for Faye and, sensing Linden has something on his mind, Faye suggests they go for dinner that evening. After visiting a priest asking for forgiveness for how he feels about a girl who is engaged, Linden realises it’s time to be honest with Faye. Battling with whether or not he should declare his feelings, Linden backs out at the last minute.

Elsewhere, Joseph thinks Jac may be pregnant, when she rushes out of theatre saying she feels faint and queasy. His fears are confirmed when he finds Jac sitting in the locker room with a pregnancy testing kit. Joseph starts being oddly nice to Jac in an effort to find out if she is pregnant – Jac tells him she’s not and that he has nothing to worry about.

And Jayne Grayson impresses on her first day back at work when she confidently deals with the press following the stabbing incident.