Ric plots to bring Noel down

Ric is horrified to hear Noel outline a deal to participate in an illegal fight or else he will do his best to convince Viv to give up the baby. The bribe is clear – Ric has to fight to save the life of his unborn child. Ric ends up agreeing to the illegal fight and the risk of him getting severely beaten.

Worried, Ric asks Miles, Alf and Jack to help find a way to make Noel get what he deserves without him ending up in the ring or Viv and the baby getting hurt. Jack and Fitzgerald form a plan to bring Noel down, which involves Ric going through with the fight. But Ric worries Noel will discover his involvement with the police raid, and he and Matilda hope that everything goes to plan.

Jack is getting used to a new life with Martha in the house he shared with Sam. But with Jack clearly missing being in the police force, Fitzgerald tells him he could still return to the force if he wanted to.

Also, Matilda worries her relationship with Ric may not survive the fight and also the arrival of Viv’s new baby.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday June 23*

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