Ric steals Connie’s thunder

After the death of the security guard, Ric is desperate to regain charge of Holby City. He decides to take the board on a tour of the new security system and wants to make a good impression on Carr, the new board member.

Connie is making preparations for Ric giving up his job and is trying to generate as much press as possible. She is going to do a sexy new CT procedure, but she nearly loses a patient in theatre. At the last minute she turns it around and watches on jealously as Ric announces the success to the press.

Tom sleeps with a sexy young woman, Saskia, in the Holby creche. They are nearly caught by Ric and Saskia’s boss, Grayson, on their tour and climb out of the window without their clothes. Maddy sees them leave and agrees to help Tom steal the security tape.

Daisha isn’t bonding with baby Joe and is pleased to be distracted by her work. At the end of a very busy day Rachel offers to take care of Joe and Daisha can’t believe her luck. Mark invites Daisha for a meal, for the first time today Daisha actually looks happy.