Ric unveils his plan at Lindsey’s memorial

Ric uses security guard Lindsey Jones’s memorial service to unveil plans for Holby’s new zero-tolerance policy on abuse and ignorance. Jayne is unimpressed by Ric urges her to let the board members hear his plans. When Ric controversially declares that he wants to target patients who are obese and who smoke, Michael says they shouldn’t be treating Jeffrey Moore – he’s overweight and a smoker!

When Ric learns than Jeffrey is from a family of overweight smokers he stands firm on his policy, and warns that Holby won’t treat him until he changes his lifestyle. Refusing to stay in a hospital with such values, Jeffrey is packing to leave when he collapses, and Ric must treat him. Jeffrey’s size causes problems in theatre but staff manage to save him – and Jeffrey’s near miss makes his son re-think his own future.

Joseph and Faye talk about buying a nursing home but Joseph is distracted when he hears that Jac has gone to gynaecology and tries to find out the results. Joseph confesses to Linden that he and Jac slept together and he thinks she is pregnant with his baby. Jac denies she’s pregnant and when Joseph and Jac argue, Linden steps in to diffuse the situation. But he warns Joseph that he can’t keep deceiving Faye.

Maddy arrives for work with a hangover after a night out with Tom. Meanwhile, Maria is missing Sam, who left his car for her as a gift. When Donna finds Maria pining over Sam in the toilets she suggests they use Sam’s car to go out on the town with Maddy and Tom.