Matilda frets when Ric comes down with the flu on the day of his big fight. Both Matilda and Ric feel guilty for lying to Alf when he asks them to help out at the bar that night. Jazz accompanies them to the fight to give Matilda some moral support, but is shocked to spot Bartlett there betting. Jazz approaches him and suggests he leave before Matilda or Ric see him. Mortified that he’s been spotted, Bartlett leaves immediately. As the fight looms, Ric and Matilda are stunned to discover that Ric’s opponent, Logan, is a member of Johnny Cooper’s gang and is clearly wanting blood. Can Ric come out of this alive?

Aden is angry when his dad invites him to the Anzac Day service, after what he’s been through with his grandfather. Rachel and Roman try to convince Aden that going to the ceremony might be a positive step for him. But when Aden doesn’t come home that night, Roman worries they’ve pushed him too far, too soon. Later, at the Anzac service, Roman and Nicole are surprised when Aden turns up, having paid attention to Rachel and Roman’s pep talk.

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